Once you are done tweaking filters & criteria to arrive at your screen, you can start adding stocks from the screening results to the smallcase

To add a stock to the smallcase, just click on the “+” button in front of the stock name. At any point, you can see the list of stocks added to the smallcase by clicking on the green window on the right bottom of your screen

Suppose, in addition to the screening results, you also want to add one more stock to your smallcase. You can do the same by typing the stock name in the search box inside the smallcase card and selecting the stock from the results list (enter 3 characters at least to trigger the search)

At the bottom of the smallcase card, you would also be able to see the approximate cost of an equal weighted smallcase of stocks present in the card. Clicking on CREATE NEW SMALLCASE button will take you to the create page on smallcase.com, where you can change the configuration with past 1Y performance, segments, weights/shares before buying the smallcase

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