Financial goals can be milestones like buying a new house, building a retirement corpus, or simply building long-term wealth. To achieve them, one must preserve as well as grow. Preserving is important to reduce the risk of losing capital, while growing is important to reduce the risk of losing buying power over the long term.

β€˜Portfolio Health’ is a tool based on the core-satellite approach that analyses your smallcases portfolio & helps you mitigate both these risks. Check it regularly on your Investment Insights

Preserve with a solid core:

  • Build a solid, low-risk, and stable foundation with the All Weather Investing smallcase. This is the core of your portfolio

Grow with potential satellites:

  • Slow-moving satellites mostly consist of large-cap stocks with the objective to beat the market. They are riskier than your core portfolio

  • Fast-moving satellites mostly consist of mid & small-cap stocks and are riskier than slow-moving satellites

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