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If this doesn’t work for me, how do I exit? Is there a lock-in?
If this doesn’t work for me, how do I exit? Is there a lock-in?

Be in complete control of your smallcase investments

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When you invest in smallcases, you are essentially investing in equity traded on the exchange. Due to market movements, stock prices may go up or down. It is important to remember that equities are more rewarding when invested in the long term. Hence it is best to stay invested and not panic when the stocks stumble.

Given that stocks are traded on the exchange, you can sell your smallcase on any given day. There is no lock-in period on your smallcases investment, you can exit anytime. You can choose to exit completely or partially from your smallcases or you can also sell individual stocks using the Manage option.

  • Exit Completely - Exit your smallcase by selling all the stocks in one go by placing an "Exit" order

  • Partial Exit - Exit your smallcase up to the desired value as opposed to a complete exit

💡 Good to know: smallcase is tailor-made for long-term investments to give desired returns. It is ideal to stay invested for a longer period of time.

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