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How do I track the performance of my investments?
How do I track the performance of my investments?

Metrics that help you know how your smallcase is doing

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You can track the following metrics for each one of your smallcases from your Investments

  • Money Put In is the total amount invested since you started investing

  • Total Returns is the sum of realized & current returns and shows how much profit/loss you have made to date

  • Current Returns are the current profits/losses you will realize if you exit today

  • Realized Returns represent the total profit/loss that you have already booked

  • Current Investment is the sum of investment into each of the stocks

  • Current Value is the amount you will get if you decide to exit today, it is the sum of Current Investment and Current Returns

Read this blog article to know more about your performance metrics and how they are affected

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: The easiest way to track your performance is to look at Total returns

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