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Managing & Tracking smallcases
Do's and Don'ts of investing in smallcases
Do's and Don'ts of investing in smallcases

Tips to stay on track with your smallcase investments

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👍 Do’s

  • Start SIP: SIPs are great for long-term goals. You can start a SIP while investing in a smallcase, or anytime later after investing

  • Track News & Dividends: Every smallcase comes with a performance summary of Total returns, Dividends, News, and more

  • Watchlist: If you want to track and monitor the smallcase before investing, you can add it to your Watchlist

  • Rebalance Regularly: Rebalance updates keep your portfolio aligned with the original idea.

👎 Don’ts

  • Don't skip SIP or Rebalance updates: Make sure that you always complete your SIP and apply the rebalance updates so that your financial goals remain on track

  • Don't exit too soon: smallcases are built for long-term investing, hence it is ideal to give your portfolios time to perform and grow your wealth

  • Don't sell stocks directly on your broker platform: For all transactions relating to smallcases transact directly on the smallcase platform

  • Don’t invest and forget: Even though smallcases are long-term investments, they should be evaluated periodically to make sure they are on track.

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