Just like having a strong core is very important for building a healthy body, in investing, asset allocation in the core is also very important.

The core-satellite strategy helps you build a well-diversified portfolio.

  • The core is designed to provide stable long-term returns. It ensures that the core of your portfolio is strong, protected, and growing

  • Satellites are riskier than the core but also have the potential of offering greater returns. They move up or down with the benchmark equity indices like NIFTY

Building the core with All Weather Investing smallcase

  • AWI helps you invest in gold, equities, and fixed income as a part of one single smallcase

  • The fixed Income portion of the All Weather Investing smallcase always generates positive returns

  • The equities portion moves with the market to generate high long-term returns, while the gold portion protects your investment when the markets crash

  • Rebalance ensures that your money is always in the right place at the right time

  • It should be the first step toward starting your investment journey

Slow moving satellites

  • This is the next step after core, smart beta smallcases are created with the objective to generate more returns than the market

  • These smallcases only consist of large-caps, which are the top 150 market cap stocks listed on NSE

Fast moving satellites

  • These smallcases majorly consist of mid-cap and small-cap stocks

  • They help you take exposure to themes, ideas, and sectors you believe will be growing in the coming time (like Specialty Chemicals and Affordable Housing)

  • These smallcases can generate high returns but are very volatile in nature

  • Thus, you should look into investing in them only after you have built your core and have also invested in the slow-moving satellites

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