What are the fees charged on Upstox?

Transaction costs & charges for investing

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Our pricing for smallcases has been revised so we can continue serving our top-notch investing experience to our investors.

A transaction fee of ₹100 (capped at 1.5% of the investment amount) will be applied when you invest a lumpsum amount( first buy and invest more orders ) to your new or existing smallcase investment.

The transaction fee is capped at ₹100+GST and in any circumstances, you won't be paying any amount more than ₹100.

For example, if you are investing ₹1,00,000 in a new or an existing smallcase you'll pay only ₹100 as 1.5% of ₹1,00,000 is ₹1,500, which is greater than ₹100. However, if you are investing ₹1,000 you'll end up paying ₹15 because 1.5% of ₹1,000 is lesser than ₹100.

Further to this, you'll also incur ₹10 on your investments via SIP. Similar to investing in a smallcase the charges on your SIP investment will also be capped at 1.5%.

Other statutory charges such as GST, STT, brokerage, etc will be applicable as usual.

Please note: The change in the charges will be effective from 21st November, 2022.

Please read through this blog for more details.

💡 Good to know: Funds are deducted from your trading account and stocks are credited to your Demat account.

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