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Invest more in your smallcases
Invest more in your smallcases
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Once you have bought your smallcase, and want to increase your exposure to it - you can invest more in your smallcase. Invest more order allows investors to add more money in their invested smallcase.

From your Investments page, click on any smallcase > Invest More on the right > Confirm Amount > Invest More > Confirm Orders.

We are maintaining the ideal weighing scheme for every invest more order. Stocks can be bought partially - meaning some stocks will be excluded from the invest more order depending upon the price and the ideal weighing scheme

The logic ensures the ideal weighing scheme is being followed while generating your order.

โ€‹Note: Please maintain surplus cash of some additional amount in your broker account while placing an AMO order. This is to ensure you have enough funds to purchase all the stocks instantly in case the stock price hikes up.

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