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How can I import all my investments to smallcase?
How can I import all my investments to smallcase?

Steps to import your external holdings to smallcase

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Importing mutual Funds:

To import all your mutual funds to smallcase, navigate to your Investment tab. Click on Import Holdings under the mutual fund tab.

Click on Get Started. Enter the PAN and contact number that you’ve used while investing in mutual funds. Once done, you’ll receive an OTP from MFCentral. Enter the OTP to verify your contact info and we’ll start fetching your mutual fund holdings immediately.

Once done all the mutual funds associated with the PAN number will start reflecting under the mutual funds tab. If you have bought a new mutual fund, it can take 2-3 working days for it to reflect on smallcase

Importing stocks & ETFs:

After importing mutual funds, you will be prompted to connect to your broker (if not already connected), to import your stocks and ETFs holdings. Newly bought stocks/ETFs show up on smallcase holdings immediately if you resync.

You can resync your mutual fund holdings to import any new buy, sell or SIP.

You can resync your stock & ETF holdings to import any newly bought/sold scrips.

Note: You can connect multiple brokers for importing stock holdings. But please note that you can stay connected to only one active broker at a time. Only holdings that are bought through your currently active broker account will be shown on the Stocks & ETFs tab

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