Why should I import my holdings?

Benefits of importing your holdings

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smallcase has always been an investor-first platform. Until now, smallcase helped you build a low-cost, long-term, and diversified portfolio with smallcases. And now, after importing all your assets to smallcase, you can keep an eye on all your investments - smallcases, mutual funds, stocks & ETFs under one roof.

​Here are a few of the smart insights about your portfolio and buy/sell mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs on smallcase.

  • Keep an eye on how your investments are performing:

  • Compare how your mutual funds and ETFs investments are ranked among their peers in the category

  • Get analyst recommendations on buying, selling, or holding on to your current stock investments :

  • Checkout price trends and other key metrics to understand your investments better:

  • Very soon, you'll also be able to transact on your imported holdings.

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