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Loan processing fees and charges
Loan processing fees and charges

Loan fees and charges in details

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Here are the processing fees and charges in details

Type of fee

Applicable charges

Interest rate

10.5% p.a.

Processing fee

Rs. 999 or 1% of loan amount whichever is higher upto a maximum of Rs. 4999

Late Payment Interest

Penal Interest is charged @ 2% per month

Bounce charges (for failed interest payment)

Rs 1200 per bounce

Annual Renewal Charges


Part-prepayment charges


Foreclosure charges


Mandate inactive charges


Mandate verification (charged by your bank)

As charged by your bank (typically between Rs. 0 to Rs. 150)

Lien removal charges (if requested after taking loan)


Lien removal charges (if requested before taking loan)

Rs 500

Collection/legal Charges (in case of default)

At actuals

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