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Process for closing your loans
Process for closing your loans

Know more about closing your loans

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How can I close the loan?

You can close your loan any time you want without any foreclosure or hidden charges. You can request for loan closure from the help section of your loan dashboard, or by reaching out to the support team. If there is no outstanding amount, your pledged MFs will be released and your loan account will be closed as soon as possible.

When can I unpledge/release my pledged mutual funds?

You can release mutual funds, provided you are not in shortfall and have excess withdrawable funds available. The request will be processed within a minimal time post-verification.

How to unpledge/release the pledged mutual funds?

Funds will be unpledged/released on the successful closure of the loan. The loan can be closed anytime after the loan is fully repaid with any pending dues.

Is it possible to make a part payment/ foreclosure before the end of the loan tenure?

Yes, it is possible. You may make a part-repayment or foreclose the entire loan before the end of the tenure. There are no early payment or foreclosure charges.

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