Buying a smallcase is exactly like buying stocks, with the added ease of tracking & managing it as a separate portfolio

Pay a flat one-time fee when you buy a smallcase

For all smallcases (except Select): Rs. 100 + GST (Rs. 18)
For Select smallcases: Rs. 200 + GST (Rs. 36)

No fees when you rebalance, exit or invest more into your existing smallcase

When you buy a smallcase - if the investment amount on the same day in the smallcase is less than Rs. 4,000, 2.5% of the investment amount will be charged as smallcase Fee. Above Rs. 4,000, the flat fee of Rs. 100/200 applies

There are brokerage & other charges that are incurred while buying/selling stocks

If you exit a smallcase completely, and buy it again, it is treated as a fresh purchase and the smallcase fees would be applicable again.

Zerodha Charges

Brokerage Charges: ₹0 (if you don't buy/sell a stock on the same day)
Exchange Turnover Fees: 0.00325% of the traded value
GST: 18% of brokerage & exchange turnover fees
Securities Transaction Tax: 0.1% of the traded value
Stamp Duty: 0.01% (varies with state)
SEBI Charges: 0.0002%
Demat charges per stock (irrespective of quantity/shares sold on one day) when you sell

  • CDSL (Zerodha DP) demat charges: ₹13.5 + GST (18%) 
  • NSDL (IL&FS DP) demat charges: ₹12.5 + GST (18%)

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