Rebalancing is the process of periodically reviewing and updating the constituents of a smallcase. You can see the next expected update date on the smallcase page under the Stocks & Weights tab

This is done to ensure the stocks & weights in the smallcase continue to reflect the underlying theme and model

When a smallcase you hold has been rebalanced, you receive a Rebalance Update notification for the same via e-mail

You can now see the changes made by the update, make changes if you wish to and then apply them. 

Note: Making changes to the rebalance update means it will no longer match the original version. Only proceed with making changes, if you're 100% sure. Not recommended for first-timers :)

If you do not rebalance your smallcase with the update, your smallcase holdings, composition & returns may vary from the original. Also, your smallcase will not reflect the underlying theme/model as intended

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