Once you are done tweaking filters & criteria to arrive at your screen, you can start adding stocks from the screening results to the smallcase and invest in it immediately

To add a stock to the smallcase, just click on the “+” button in front of the stock name. You can review the stocks added to the smallcase and the approximate investment amount (for an equi-weighted portfolio) by clicking on the green window on the right bottom of your screen, post which you can click on 'Create New smallcase' to continue the process on the smallcase platform. 

Suppose, in addition to the screening results, you also want to add one more stock to your smallcase. You can do the same by typing the stock name in the search box inside the smallcase card and selecting the stock from the results list (enter 3 characters at least to trigger the search)

Creating your smallcase:

Step 1 - Assign a weighting scheme for your stocks

  • You can pick between an Equi-weighted or Market Cap-weighted scheme to weight your smallcase (more on weighting a portfolio here)
  • Else, you can assign individual weights to your stocks or even choose the number of shares for each stock
  • While assigning weights, you can see the final weights/shares for that stock along with the minimum investment amount for this smallcase. This minimum amount ensures you’re buying the stocks with the weights you have allocated

Step 2 - Save or Invest

  • Once you scroll to the bottom after assigning weights, you can see how the smallcase would have performed in the last 1 year with respect to the general market (Nifty)
  • After reviewing this, you can click on 'Save for Later' if you wish to invest in it at a later time
  • To invest immediately, you can click on 'Invest Now'. After giving your smallcase a name and a description, you can then review and confirm the orders

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