There are 70+ filters available to screen with 

To see the full list of filters, you can click on the ADD FILTER button, as shown below. To make it easy to navigate and pick filters, we have classified these filters into different categories like Profitability, Valuation etc. 

To see the list of filters in any category, just click on the category name. If you hover on any filter, you would also be able to see the definition of the filter, before deciding if you want to include it in the screening process

To know more about each filter, you can also click on the read more link at the bottom of the add filter window and it will direct you to our learning portal having in depth explanation of each and every filter inside the selected category. To add a filter to the criteria list, just click on the same

As soon as you click on any filter, it will be added the filter list on the left side

You can even search for your filters using the search bar on the top right

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