Whole Exit
If you want to completely exit your smallcase position, click the Manage button for your smallcase on your Investments page & navigate to the Exit smallcase tab

This action places sell orders for all the shares of stocks you hold in the smallcase, and shows you the amount you will receive from the exit

Selling individual stocks
smallcase is about helping you manage your portfolios seamlessly. You can also remove certain stocks or shares in your smallcase

Clicking the Details button for your smallcase on the Investments page should bring up a pop-up with the stock-specific details for that smallcase. Click on Add/Remove Stocks to manage your smallcase by selling individual stocks

Caution: Removing stocks or shares from your smallcase means it will not match the original version, and hence the holdings, composition & returns of your smallcase will be different. Only proceed with managing your smallcase, if you know what you're doing. Not recommended for first-timers :)

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