You can track performance of all your smallcases on your Investments page

The values here show the current value of the stocks/shares you hold (Current Value), the investment amount you had bought these stocks/shares (Current Investment) and the unrealized returns from your holdings (current P&L)  

Index Value

When buying a smallcase, an index value of 100 is assigned to it. This is to facilitate easy tracking

If the index value is 115.42 (as shown below), you can easily deduce that your smallcase has generated a total return of 15.42%

The current P&L (of the above smallcase) is 13.18% which is the unrealized returns from the stocks you hold

The Details view shows you a more detailed investment overview & P&L breakdown
Here you can see the total investment from your account (i.e. Money Put In) and the realized and total returns/P&L from your smallcase

Also, the individual stocks in the smallcase along with their returns (hover on the green/red arrow before the stock name, their current price, quantity & weights are shown

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