There could be a few reasons as to why there’s a difference in your smallcase and Kite values:

  1. Difference in the methodology used in calculating average buy price - Zerodha calculates the avg buy price by FIFO (first in, first out) for tax liability calculation, whereas at smallcase, the simple average method is adopted for this calculation for accuracy purposes.
  2. Stocks bought or sold separately on smallcase & Kite - Since the buy/sell of stocks on Kite is not shared by Zerodha due to privacy reasons - the prices at which you bought/sold stocks on Kite for, will not be included in the calculation on smallcase.
    Get in touch with the smallcase support team to reconcile your holdings. 
  3. Corporate actions - When there’s a corporate action, such as an issue of bonus shares, stock split, etc your smallcase is adjusted for the same on the ex-date, whereas, Zerodha adjusts for this on a later date once the bonus shares reach your demat account, which brings about a difference in values
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